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How to reach Kleftiko in Milos by land?
This is the question that troubles most people who visit Milos, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, if not in the whole World.
Kleftiko is one of most beautiful attractions of Milos: a paradisiac bay with crystal clear waters and impressive coastal caves. It is located in the southwestern part of the island which is well protected from the northern winds.
Though, western Milos is almost uninhabited and the most roads in this part of the island are in poor condition. It’s  quite like visiting a wild place untouched by human civilization and exactly this is an element of many Greek islands’ magic.


The difficulty in reaching Kleftiko by land resulted in organizing boat tours and cruises from Adamantas or other popular coastal towns of the island. 
So the tourists can easily find boat cruises that charge about $100 for each person (usually tours of 10 to 20 people) which have a duration of around 8 hours.
However,  accessing most of these places by land is not completely impossible. Actually it can even be faster if you are not interested in the stops that most of these boat tours make.
In addition they can offer you more privacy, higher flexibility and save you a lot of money.
So this video explains everything about how to visit Kleftiko without taking a boat tour.
Just by driving and hiking!